Handheld Vacuum Review

Upright vacuums may handle the majority of the housework but a handheld vacuum can help you fill in the gaps. Handheld vacuum cleaners are compact enough to tackle small or hard-to-reach spaces such as car interiors, stair risers and upholstered furniture. Despite their compact size, these devices provide superior cleaning performance. They contain high-voltage motors that deliver strong sucking power. This makes them ideal for cleaning up spills, pet hair and other small messes around the home and in your car.

Handheld Vacuums: What to Look For

There are two types of handheld vacuums: corded and cordless. Those with cords tend to be less expensive and have more suction power than their cordless counterparts. Cordless vacuums are extremely portable and convenient since they run on rechargeable batteries and do not require an outlet. The choice between corded and cordless comes down to your preference.

All handheld vacuum cleaners have the same primary function of sucking up dirt and debris, but not all perform equally. The following criteria can help you find a convenient hand vacuum that works exceptionally.

The most important factor to consider when shopping for a handheld vacuum is performance. In other words, how well does it suck up dirt? The motor on the vacuum should be powerful enough to pick up a wide range of debris on a variety of surfaces. A high-voltage motor typically means more sucking power and thus better cleaning performance. You should also consider handheld vacuums that contain a rotating brush. A brush helps to penetrate carpet fibers and loosen dirt, helping to clean more thoroughly than a vacuum without a brush.

Since handheld vacuums are designed to go where upright vacuums cannot, it’s important to consider portability. Cordless hand vacuums tend to be more portable than corded ones since you aren’t limited to use within a certain distance from an electrical outlet. If you opt for a corded vacuum, make sure its cord is long enough so it doesn’t hinder transportability.

The size and weight of a handheld vacuum can also affect overall maneuverability, so consider these elements when shopping for the perfect model. The vacuum should be lightweight and easy to hold.

Some handheld vacuums come with additional features that enhance their functionality and enable more effective and efficient cleaning. Look for vacuums that come with additional attachments such as hoses, nozzles and a crevice tool. These allow you to clean hard-to-reach places. You should also consider a handheld vacuum that has both wet and dry functionality. This enables you to clean both dry messes and wet spills.

Which is the best handheld vacuum for you will depend on how you plan to use it. Do you need it primarily to pick up pet hair or to help keep your car clean? Regardless of what the job is, a handheld vacuum should quickly pick up messes on multiple surfaces.

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